Launched on March 1, 2019, Infectious Disease Connect (ID Connect) was created to fill the gap of the national shortage of Infectious Disease (ID) physicians at a time when the demand for specialty ID expertise is higher than ever and crucial in terms of risks, costs and increasing regulatory requirements.

The shortage of ID specialists creates great difficulty for many community and rural hospitals and health care facilities in recruiting and retaining physicians with ID expertise. Further, many hospitals do not need the services of a full-time ID specialist. However, it is generally accepted and industry statistics support that involving an ID specialist early in the care of the appropriate patients has positive results in terms of patient care, outcomes and costs.

Dr. Rima Abdel-Massih, who serves as ID Connect’s Chief Medical officer, and Dr. John Mellors, Chief of UPMC’s division of infectious disease, joined forces and approached UPMC Enterprises about founding Infectious Disease Connect after a successful pilot of its telemedicine offering.

Dave Zynn, President of ID Connect, is a veteran executive in health services, health tech startups and growth companies and brings significant knowledge and success in the growing telemedicine industry.

ID Connect’s mission is to improve access and enable world-class specialized ID expertise to enrich lives and improve outcomes in a cost-effective manner with compassion, respect and integrity.

Our vision is to make people healthy, improve outcomes, and keep people free of infectious diseases.