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Tele-Infection Prevention Control


Ignoring IPC can lead to costly fines, more hospital acquired-infections (HAI), and greater transmission of multi-drug resistant pathogens. In today’s highly cost-conscious healthcare delivery environment, tele-IPC can efficiently help your staff to proactively implement best-practices that meet current standards of care and provide long-term solutions.

providing ID expertise and leadership in coordinating hospital-acquired infection (HAI) prevention efforts

Tele-IPC’s Impact on a Rural Community Health System

$1.25 Million

Estimated annual cost savings at a 3-hospital health system with 585 beds


Decrease in total antimicrobial use over a 16-month period


Reduction in hospital-onset
C. difficile infections

Reducing IPC Threats

Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, infections made up 68% of The Joint Commission’s serious “requirements for improvement” citations. The ID Connect experts deliver meaningful improvements by:

  • Implementing evidence-based, proactive practices
  • Ensuring your institutional policies and practices meet current standards of care
  • Designing effective infection prevention organizational models, care protocols, and processes tailored to your facility’s resource realities
  • Advising your facility on its responses to emerging challenges in infection prevention like increases in Candia auris, Clostridioides difficile, multi-drug resistant organisms and other pressing hospital-acquired infection (HAI) trends

Delivering Antimicrobial Expertise

Our dedicated ID physicians and pharmacists use their real-world experience to build an antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) that best suits your needs, including:

  • Compliance assessment reviews and action plans with guidance to comply with accreditation requirements, including The Joint Commission standard MM 09.01.01 and National Healthcare Safety Network Reporting Module AUR Module Reporting
  • Key ASP metrics development, tracking, and reporting to stakeholders
  • Antimicrobial formulary assessments including dose and cost optimization recommendations
  • Targeted data-driven quality improvement initiatives based on institutional needs
  • Tailored educational support and access to cutting-edge ASP resources such as guidelines, clinical pathways, and newsletters

Leveraging Relevant
Technology Enablers

When combined with IPC efforts, our software solution, ILÚM Insight®, can supplement your efforts by:

  • Generating real-time recommendations for improved antibiotic treatment recommendations that often lead to cost-savings and reduced time to optimal therapy1
  • Having our clinicians provide asynchronous direct chart reviews for your pharmacists and physicians
  • Recommending optimal antimicrobial therapy, dosing, and duration
  • Eliminating unnecessary and often expensive lab tests
  • 1
Customer Results

Since implementing tele-stewardship, our IV to PO rate has dramatically decreased, our pharmacists are better utilizing antibiotics, more attention is being paid to our antibiograms, and we’ve seen a decrease in the length of stay for our infectious diseases patients, all of which are good for a hospital’s bottom line.

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