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Helping solve infectious disease challenges

We make world-class infectious diseases expertise accessible to patients, pharmacists, and healthcare providers with our telemedicine-based clinical services, education, and innovative technology solutions.

world-class Infectious diseases expertise accessible to patients, pharmacists, and healthcare providers

Giving Professionals Tools to Solve Infectious Disease Challenges

We give hospital clinicians, pharmacists, infection prevention specialists, and leadership the tools and resources they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.



ID Connect delivers real-time notifications from evidence-based results for therapy guidance, updated guidelines, and best practices.

Connect with Antimicrobial Stewardship Experts


ID Connect streamlines daily workflows, improves communication, and provides visibility of formulary-restricted agents and real-time notifications for lab and microbiology updates.

ID Connect offers leadership assistance with infection prevention and outbreaks

Infection Preventionists

ID Connect offers leadership and/or assistance with infection prevention and outbreak initiatives, reviewing and updating policies and procedures, and isolation precautions.

ID Connect helps to increase revenue by decreasing transfers, readmissions, and length of stay

Health System Leaders

ID Connect helps to increase revenue by decreasing transfers, readmissions, length of stay, hospital acquired infection (HAI), and hospital-acquired condition (HAC) penalties.

Service Solutions

ID Connect has the solutions for all of your ID-related needs, including Tele-ID, Virtual Stewardship, and Tele-Infection Prevention and Control services.

Telemedicine services


Delivering asynchronous e-consultations, telephonic physician-to-physician consultation, and synchronous audio-video consultations to support primary care teams, eliminate unnecessary transfers, and enhance patient care.

Virtual Stewardship

Connecting you to antimicrobial stewardship experts and expanding access to full-time, ID-trained pharmacists and physicians to supplement existing ASP while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Providing ID expertise and leadership in coordinating hospital-acquired infection prevention efforts, interpreting research and guidelines, creating and revising institutional policies and guidelines, and assisting with infection management response.

Software Solutions

Our software solutions put the right data in the right hands, at the right time, for the right patient. They enable interventions that save time, money, and improve patient care.

ILÚM Insight®

ILÚM Insight is a comprehensive clinical decision support tool and mobile app designed specifically for antimicrobial stewardship programs. It puts the right patient data at your clinician’s fingertip, with real-time interventions, educational resources, and microbial surveillance.

  • Optimizes clinical workflows
  • Simplifies tracking and reporting
  • Identifies high-impact interventions for your patients and hospital

ILÚM Inform

ILÚM Inform is a customizable infectious diseases resource that revolutionizes infectious disease management in one simple app. It enables clinicians to quickly access hospital-specific information in real-time.

  • Transforms the day-to-day stewardship and infectious diseases experience
  • Delivers antimicrobial monographs, antibiogram data, syndromic guidelines, and treatment algorithm decision support to boost the efficiency and effectiveness
  • Operates independently of hospital IT networks for anytime-access to information

Customer Results

The quality of the infectious disease consult is excellent and the integration of your valuable technology creates a great roadmap-strategy of care for our doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

CMOUPMC, Jameson

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