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What our partners are
saying about ID Connect

Quality, commitment, best practices… Our partners have a great deal to say about what we do well. And their words mean more than what we could say about ourselves. 

“We have had nothing but positive compliments from all of the patients.

Kate GassACMH
Customer Results

Without your service, we would need to transfer 40%-50% of our patients with infections to tertiary facilities.

RN, BSN, Director, TelemedicinePenn Highlands Healthcare

Pharmacists who used ID Connect’s clinical decision support tools experienced productivity increases of 278%.

Open Forum Infectious Diseases

We admire ID Connect’s commitment to follow-up, as well as their robust documentation in the EMR. We never feel like we have to get on a call because the ID specialist can handle it.

Open Forum Infectious Diseases

ILÚM Inform gives our whole clinical care team up-to-date, facility specific, guidelines and best practice treatment recommendations for every infectious disease in a single, easy to use mobile app.


“I feel like we have brought this community hospital into a realm that is state of the art.

James Backstrom, M.D.ACMH

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