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Pediatric Tele-ID

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Telemedicine (Tele-ID)

With tele-ID, your youngest patients can receive world-class ID specialist care, right where they are.

Infectious Disease Connect is the only telemedicine company exclusively focused on all ID care needs and subspecialties, including pediatric services provided by academic faculty.

By partnering with ID Connect, your hospital can:

  • Provide access to top quality ID care right-sized to your facility’s needs
  • Receive timely ID consultation and care
  • Eliminate unnecessary patient transfers
  • Enhance the patient care experience
  • Provide pediatric parental counseling, support, and education
  • Lower care delivery costs
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24/7 Coverage and Support for Local Teams

Our pediatric ID doctors are available around-the-clock to support your institution in delivering quality care, including subspecialty care and flexible coverage to support your existing ID teams.

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Reduced Transfers

Without ID Connect’s services, one hospital client would have transferred an estimated 30% of their pediatric ID cases.

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Access to Academic Quality Care

Fill your coverage needs with world-class academic ID physicians.

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