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Each of our solutions can help strengthen your ID team and practices. When they are used together, they can be transformative.

ID Connect has the service solutions, including Tele-ID, Virtual Stewardship, and Tele-Infection Prevention and Control

Delivering asynchronous e-consultations, telephonic physician-to-physician consultation, and synchronous audio-video consultations to support primary care teams, eliminate unnecessary transfers, and enhance patient care.

  • Eliminate unnecessary patient transfers
  • Enhance the patient care experience
Telemedicine services

Virtual Stewardship

Connecting you to antimicrobial stewardship experts and expanding access to full-time, ID-trained pharmacists and physicians to supplement existing ASP while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Build evidence-based and sustainable quality improvement initiatives
  • Achieve stewardship excellence through telehealth collaboration

Tele-Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)

Guiding your IPC strategy by providing ID expertise and leadership in coordinating hospital-acquired infection (HAI) prevention efforts, interpreting published research and guidelines, creating and revising institutional policies and guidelines, and assisting with infection management response.

  • Advise on IPC strategy as a component of patient quality & safety for the facility
  • Assess gaps in current infection prevention practices
Customer Results

Without your service, we would need to transfer 40%-50% of our patients with infections to tertiary facilities.

RN, BSN, Director, TelemedicinePenn Highlands Healthcare

With Tele-ID services I feel much more comfortable that our patients are getting the expert care they deserve.

MD, Hospitalist Program DirectorUPMC

ILÚM Insight® far surpasses the notification process of competitors primarily related to chatter or unnecessary notifications and real-time notification.

Infection Prevention and Control Specialist, MPH, MSN, RN, CICUPMC, Jameson

ILÚM Insight® targets some of the most important things that we do in stewardship. it’s extremely easy to use and improves time to intervention.

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Infectious DiseasesUniversity of Pennsylvania Health System

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