Infectious Disease Connect Earns Top Marks from Customers Infectious Disease Connect Earns Top Marks from Customers
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Infectious Disease Connect Earns Top Marks from Customers in KLAS Research

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PITTSBURGH, Feb. 17, 2021Infectious Disease Connect Inc., a UPMC-backed company offering solutions to improve treatment of infectious diseases and antimicrobial stewardship, recently received top scores from KLAS Research, reflecting the quality of its services and high customer satisfaction.

A leader in measuring vendor performance in the health care industry, KLAS bases its scores entirely on customer opinions, ratings and experience. In a recent KLAS report, ID Connect earned an overall score of 96.9 for service, with 80% of its customers reporting that they were “highly satisfied” and 20% “satisfied.” And its ILÚM Insight clinical decision support platform had an overall score of 96, with 80% of respondents “highly satisfied” and 20% “satisfied.”

ID Connect, which recently combined with Merck’s ILÚM Health Solutions, provides hospitals with timely, telemedicine-enabled consultations with infectious disease experts and offers ILÚM Insight to help clinicians select the most appropriate antimicrobial therapy while managing toxicity, costs and the potential for drug resistance and transmission of infection. Using machine learning, the technology combines a patient’s demographic factors, medication history, past hospitalizations and other data to generate individualized treatment recommendations.

“Antimicrobial stewardship is now required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,” said Tyson Mehlhoff, research director at KLAS, which measures more than 400 vendors and 750 products and services. “In our early conversations with provider organizations, the key outcomes they look for in antimicrobial stewardship and ID specialist partners are improvements in clinical outcomes, time savings and safety, while remaining financially viable.”

“In the face of a global pandemic and a growing shortage of infectious disease experts nationwide, ID Connect has never been a more important partner to the hospitals and patients we serve,” said David Zynn, president of ID Connect. “We are pleased that KLAS Research has validated the quality of the tools and services we provide.”

Serving more than 30 facilities in seven states, ID Connect estimates that it has helped its customers reduce patient transfers by up to 40%, cut antibiotic use by 30% and reduce days of treatment per 1,000 patients by 40%. Merck Global Health Innovation Fund also is an investor.

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About Infectious Disease Connect

ID Connect is a world leader in telemedicine-enabled care of infectious diseases, antimicrobial stewardship, and infection control and prevention. Spun out of leading academic medical center UPMC, the company’s technology, precision medicine and data science are paired with world-class ID physicians to effectively manage infectious diseases across the U.S. At ID Connect, we strive to make people healthy, improve outcomes, and keep our communities free of infectious diseases. For more information, go to

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