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Case Study – How One Small Health System Saved $1M a Year with Virtual Antimicrobial Stewardship  


A rural community health system with three hospitals that serve residents in three states sought Infectious Disease Connect’s virtual stewardship services to provide expertise in structuring and maintaining their antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP).

Before ID Connect teamed up with this health system, they were particularly concerned about their antibiotic use, laboratory utilization costs related to infectious disease workups, and increasing hospital onset C. difficile infection rates.


To develop a customized solution, a dedicated Infectious Diseases (ID) physician and ID pharmacist conducted a complete audit of the health system’s current stewardship efforts. Together with the hospital staff, the team identified several deficiencies that required immediate attention:

By crafting a 30 hour a month tele-ASP, the ID Connect physician and pharmacist worked with the system’s professionals to develop a detailed roadmap to address these and other issues. Some of ID Connect’s direct ASP support activities included:

Additionally, ID Connect’s physician and pharmacist provided systemwide microbiology and infection prevention support.  Along with our client partners, we also created and revised infectious disease clinical pathways, guidelines, and policies including the system’s first COVID-19 therapy guidelines.


Through these combined efforts, ID Connect estimates that the system achieved a total annualized cost savings of $1.25 Million. Highlights of our cost reduction and quality improvements included:  

An 11% reduction
in total antimicrobial use sustained over a 16-month period post-implementation of the ID Connect-led ASP

A 41% reduction
in hospital-onset C. difficile infections and a 31% reduction in consumption of C. difficile therapeutics

A 30.2% reduction
in vancomycin duration of therapy leading to a 13.3% relative reduction in vancomycin-associated acute kidney injuries

An annualized cost-savings of $28,500 a year
due to removal of Streptococcus pneumoniae urinary antigen testing

Tele-ASP is a Cost-Effective Long-Term Solution

Virtual ASP are not one-size-fits-all. Therefore, our ID physicians and pharmacists use their real-world experience to build  solutions  best suited to each hospital or health system’s needs. To customize our services, we review current institutional ASP structures and current  infectious diseases, microbiology, and infection prevention and control best practices to construct a program that suits your current needs and fulfills  accreditation requirements and compliance regulations. ID Connect’s tele-ID and ASP experts are specialized resources that your onsite physicians and pharmacists can consult with to help them provide better patient care and clinical outcomes.

Our other virtual ASP services clients tell us that the ID Connect team is essential in helping their hospitals reduce unnecessary antibiotic use, prevent the emergence of antimicrobial-resistant infections, and optimize patient outcomes while reducing those costs associated with longer hospital stays, readmissions, and tertiary transfers. 

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