ILUM Inform: revolutionize the way you manage infectious diseases in one simple app


The traditional model for disseminating antimicrobial and infectious diseases guidance throughout your hospital system relies on published protocols that linger on intranets, mass emails to staff that are overlooked, and repetitive reinforcement with individual providers, which are all inefficient. The day-to-day management of an effective antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) requires a stewardship pharmacist to juggle multiple roles to support the program’s goals. It can all be cumbersome to manage, especially in a busy hospital.

We figured there had to be a better way.

At ID Connect, we created a customizable, infectious diseases resource app called ILÚM Inform. In the app, clinicians can quickly access hospital-specific information to help manage all infectious diseases. With antimicrobial monographs, antibiogram data, syndromic guidelines, treatment algorithm decision support, and more, the app boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of any ASP. Best of all, it operates independently of hospital information technology networks, so you can access this information anywhere.

ASPs can also keep app users updated with real-time push notifications about any program updates, formulary changes, or new guidelines, dramatically improving the number of users who see important stewardship information. Reports based on user page clicks are available to track and report education and training efforts.

The app has transformed the day-to-day stewardship and infectious diseases experience!

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