Webinar: Academic Tele-ID: Three Hospitals Share Experiences Webinar: Academic Tele-ID: Three Hospitals Share Experiences

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Webinar: Academic Tele-ID Improves Quality: Three Hospitals Share Their Experiences

Keeping complex, infectious diseases (ID) patients in your hospital can be a challenge. Not having ID specialists on staff and needing to transfer patients can result in patient care disruption and a loss of revenue for your hospital.

Listen to this panel discussion to learn how ID Connect’s Tele-ID services have helped their facilities overcome these difficulties.

Panelists share:



Dr. Rima Abdel-Massih

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, ID Connect


Dr. James Backstrom

Chief Medical Officer, Armstrong County Memorial Hospital (ACMH)

Dr. Andrew Core

Systems Medical Director, Sound Physicians (Valley Health), and
Chief Hospitalist, Winchester Medical Center

Dr. Elizabeth Piccione

VP of Medical Affairs, UPMC Jameson

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