ILÚM Inform

Mobile and Desktop Interface

Interactive Treatment Recommendations

  • Populate antimicrobial recommendations based on local antibiogram, patient-specific risk factors, and more
  • Tailor guideline content to the goals, policies, and workflows of your facility or system
  • Bookmark your favorite or most frequently used guidelines for quick and easy access
Insight Workflows

Bug and Drug Companion

  • Optimize treatment of infectious diseases with interactive pathogen references, specific to your antibiogram
  • Access clinically-validated content anytime, anywhere. No more binders or books
  • View quick details for clinical pearls, dosing recommendations, clinically relevant adverse events and drug-drug interactions

Communication and Connection

  • Call, email or page important hospital contacts and care teams listed in the app
  • Keep hospital staff informed with real-time updates and announcements

Learn about ILÚM Insight®, our other stewardship solution.

Why we care

In one of our 130-bed facilities without an ID-trained pharmacist, implementing the ILÚM Insight®
software with tele-stewardship services resulted in:


increase in the number of interventions achieved with fewer FTE hours


decrease in overall antibiotic usage

in annual cost-savings seen from antibiotic usage alone

Reduce costly transfers (RN, BSN, Director, Telemedicine, Penn Highlands Healthcare)

“Without your service, we would need to transfer 40%-50% of our patients with infections to tertiary facilities.” -RN, BSN, Director, Telemedicine, Penn Highlands Healthcare

ILÚM Insight® targets some of the most important things that we do in stewardship, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

“ILÚM Insight® targets some of the most important things that we do in stewardship. it’s extremely easy to use and improves time to intervention.”-Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Infectious Diseases, Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System

How telemedicine expands care, Regional Telehealth Director

“ID Connect’s service is a shining example of how telemedicine expands high-level academic medical care across community hospitals; it’s an example of best practice.”-Regional Telehealth Director, UPMC

ILÚM Insight® has been a wonderful tool, Infection Prevention and Control Specialist, BSPH

“ILÚM Insight® has been a wonderful tool to use. Very clear and concise!”-Infection Prevention and Control Specialist, BSPH. UPMC, Jameson

Fantastic. Innovating. Revolutionary, ID Physician

ILÚM Insight® - "Fantastic. Innovating. Revolutionary.”-ID Physician, Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System

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ILÚM Insight®
A comprehensive clinical decision support tool and mobile app designed specifically for antimicrobial stewardship programs.
Virtual Stewardship
Expert oversight and support via telehealth services to build or enhance your antimicrobial stewardship program.
Support your primary care teams through 24/7 access to ID physician experts using telemedicine technology.
ID and IPC expertise and leadership in coordinating prevention efforts and meeting compliance requirements.

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