What We Do

Helping solve Infectious Diseases challenges

Reduce costly transfers (RN, BSN, Director, Telemedicine, Penn Highlands Healthcare)

“Without your service, we would need to transfer 40%-50% of our patients with infections to tertiary facilities.” -RN, BSN, Director, Telemedicine, Penn Highlands Healthcare

ILÚM Insight® targets some of the most important things that we do in stewardship, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

“ILÚM Insight® targets some of the most important things that we do in stewardship. it’s extremely easy to use and improves time to intervention.”-Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Infectious Diseases, Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System

How telemedicine expands care, Regional Telehealth Director

“ID Connect’s service is a shining example of how telemedicine expands high-level academic medical care across community hospitals; it’s an example of best practice.”-Regional Telehealth Director, UPMC

ILÚM Insight® has been a wonderful tool, Infection Prevention and Control Specialist, BSPH

“ILÚM Insight® has been a wonderful tool to use. Very clear and concise!”-Infection Prevention and Control Specialist, BSPH. UPMC, Jameson

Fantastic. Innovating. Revolutionary, ID Physician

ILÚM Insight® - "Fantastic. Innovating. Revolutionary.”-ID Physician, Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System

How We Solve for Your ID Needs

Our Services & Solutions

The whole is greater than the sum
Each offering strengthens your ID team and practices,
but combining all four allows you to level up your ID practice.

To learn more, click through our services and platform listed below.

ILÚM Inform
An infectious diseases reference app with clinical syndromes and guidelines tailored to the policies and workflows of your hospital/health system.
ILÚM Insight®
A comprehensive clinical decision support tool and mobile app designed specifically for antimicrobial stewardship programs.
Support your primary care teams through 24/7 access to ID physician experts using telemedicine technology.
Virtual Stewardship
Expert oversight and support via telehealth services to build or enhance your antimicrobial stewardship program.
ID and IPC expertise and leadership in coordinating prevention efforts and meeting compliance requirements.

Who We Solve For

Solving for ID challenges by role

Hospital Physician
  • Real-time notifications from evidence-based results for therapy guidance
  • Updated guidelines
  • Best practices
  • Streamlining daily workflow and improving communication
  • Visibility of formulary-restricted agents
  • Real-time notifications for lab and microbiology updates
  • Increased satisfaction
  • World-class care brought to the community setting
  • Improved outcomes and reduced transfers
  • Personalized care
Health System Leader
  • Increased revenue
  • Decreased transfers, readmissions, and overall length of stay
  • Reduced hospital acquired infection (HAI) and hospital-acquired condition (HAC) penalties
  • Increased provider and patient satisfaction
Infection Preventionist
  • Leadership and/or assistance in coordinating infection prevention initiatives
  • Review and update policies and procedures, isolation precautions
  • Guidance with infectious outbreak response, investigations and management
  • Advise on infection prevention strategy for quality & safety

Our Customers

Our Customers

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