Listen in as presenters Rima Abdel-Massih, MD, Chief Medical Officer, ID Connect, and Joe Ketcherside, MD, FAANS, SVP & Chief Innovation Officer, ILÚM Health Solutions, discuss improving patient care through the the use of telemedicine and a technology-based antimicrobial stewardship program. Gain valuable insights into how your facility can:

icon Understand the new CMS regulations and the importance of compliance.

icon Reduce patient transfers to tertiary facilities, reduce infections, reduce readmissions, and narrow antibiotic use.

icon Improve patient care, physician satisfaction, and facility reputation.

icon Eliminate inaccurate diagnosis and treatment, reduce health care-associated infections, avoid penalties and negative impacts of regulatory non-compliance.

icon Optimize antimicrobial therapy through earlier identification of opportunities to intervene.

icon Improve time to appropriate therapy by delivering Rapid Diagnostic results and individualized predictions into providers’ hands in clinical context.

icon Demonstrate the direct clinical and financial impact of stewardship interventions with reports that track compliance with recommendations and the outcomes that result.