Improve Patient Care, Optimize ROI, and Adhere to CMS Guidelines


Join our presenters, Rima Abdel-Massih, MD, Chief Medical Officer, ID Connect, and Joseph Ketcherside, MD FAANS-SVP & Chief Innovation Officer, ILÚM Health Solutions, in a webinar about improving patient care through the utilization of telemedicine and a technology-based antimicrobial stewardship program. Gain valuable insights into how your facility can:


  • Understand the new CMS regulations and the importance of compliance
  • Reduce patient transfers to tertiary facilities, reduce infections, reduce readmissions, and narrow antibiotic use
  • Improve patient care, physician satisfaction, and facility reputation
  • Eliminate inaccurate diagnosis and treatment, reduce health care-associated infections, avoid penalties and negative impacts of regulatory non-compliance
  • Optimize antimicrobial therapy through earlier identification of opportunities to intervene
  • Improve time to appropriate therapy by delivering Rapid Diagnostic results and individualized predictions into providers’ hands in clinical context
  • Demonstrate the direct clinical and financial impact of stewardship interventions with reports that track compliance with recommendations and the outcomes that result

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