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Software QA Engineer

Job Summary

The Software QA Engineer has experience exercising the various types of testing during the development cycle and is responsible for validating new features and changes to features in the systems under development.

The QA Engineer has testing skills that span everything from user interface testing to data validation with a focus on automation testing. This role will take lead in defining and building our QA automation platform for use with multiple products within the organization.

This role is responsible for ensuring that software is consistent and meets the level of quality to which our customers have become accustomed, writing, documenting, automating, and executing test plans, recording defects, and validating fixes.


  • Defining and creating an automation platform for use with multiple products
  • Building out test plans and documenting each based on customer requirements
  • Integrating automation tests into manual processes and automated DevOps builds
  • Creating automation scripts for smoke testing and regression testing
  • Manual functional testing during initial feature-development stages
  • Working closely with the development team to track down root cause and following to resolution
  • Risk and results analysis to reveal problem areas or weaknesses that can be exploited
  • Collaborate with team members to provide input to improve testing methods and processes

Educational and Knowledge Requirements

  • S. degree in Computer Science or 5 years of QA work experience
  • Experience in QA automation development
  • History of development with Puppeteer or other platforms for UI automation tests
  • History of development with Newman/Postman or other platforms for API automation tests
  • Experience with VSCode, JavaScript and UI frameworks experience is a plus
  • Ability to creating and executing test plans
  • Capability to review in-depth data for validation
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience with Agile Software Development methodologies and working in teams
  • Experience in a healthcare IT environment (HIPAA) a plus
  • Understanding and testing data security a plus

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    Senior Full Stack Developer

    Job Description 

    The Full Stack Developer has technology skills that span the entire stack and is responsible for understanding all aspects of our system architecture from database, web, and mobile development to automation and DevOps.

    In this role, you will have the opportunity to be a driving force in the architecture and development of the next iteration of our clinical decision support platform and work with the team to support product features, automation, containerization, business logic, APIs, and deployments of software services that compose the platform.

    This role is responsible for making sure that business objectives are met, communication between team members is effective, and the software development cycle is streamlined. This position reports to the Director of Engineering.

    Primary Responsibilities 

    • Key member of the development team in creating software that meets business objectives.
    • Go-to expert for the entire technology stack for the development team.
    • Deep understanding of the stack: server, networking, hosting, data modeling, business logic, API layer, user interface, user experience, business needs.
    • Collaborate across teams to design, develop, and launch new features.
    • Learn and digest large-scale electronic health records and process into a centralized system.
    • Support containerization, continuous integration and continuous deployment of services into the cloud.
    • Write technical documentation for new and existing product features.
    • Maintain code integrity and organization.

    Educational and Knowledge Requirements 

    • B.S. degree in Computer Science or equivalent and 5 years of work experience
    • Able to excel in a diverse technological environment consisting of many cloud environments languages (JavaScript, SQL, Go, Python, and more)
    • Experience with JavaScript and UI frameworks — React experience is a plus
    • Experience working with database driven systems running on PostgreSQL, Oracle, or MySQL/MariaDB – PL/pgSQL or PL/SQL experience is a plus
    • Experience with data modeling, business logic, and API layers
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Experience with Agile Software Development methodologies and working in teams
    • Experience in writing quality unit tests
    • Experience with server, networking and hosting architectures — current DevOps experience is a plus
    • Experience in a healthcare IT environment is a plus
    • Understanding and implementation of security and data protection is a plus

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